Every child learns differently. 

Montessori pioneered combining experimental psychology with education. She used the powers of observation to understand the secrets of childhood.

3 Steps to Homeschooling Success

Armed with that insight, our team designed a process of equipping each family with the tools to help the child  become independent.

Step 1: Schedule a Discovery Call

Sign up for a free 30-minute Zoom meeting to help you get started with homeschooling. Whether you need a curated curriculum or you are looking for someone to help you and your child for a few days a week, this call will provide you with easy-to-implement strategies for success.

Step 2: Sign up for the FREE Silver Plan

For homeschooling pro's, this is a gold mine of hand-picked resources. For newbies, it's a great place to begin an exciting journey.

Step 3: Stick to the Process

Consistent implementation is key. Let us be your coach! Your family can work with us daily, weekly, or monthly. We can design your personalized curriculum plan, coach you with weekly meetings, give you daily feedback on your child's progress, and you can enjoy making music every week! 

Plan Details

Silver Plan

It's free!

Includes the following: 

Platinum Plan


Work with one of our team members to set up your custom homeschool environment and a personalized curriculum tailored to your family.

Daily feedback and on-going live weekly coaching sessions.

Gold Plan Music

Our most popular plan!


"Live" On-Line Montessori Music class with Carolyn once a week 

Sequential music curriculum featuring hands-on activities "making music" together in the Montessori way


30-minutes of engaging and playful musical exploration for preschool children, including warm-ups, movement, focused listening, music concept mini-lesson, and instrument exploration 

A La Carte

Make an appointment with us to discuss your family's needs. Then you can arrange your exclusive "Touchpoint" Session.

$50./ Full Hour 

$30./Half Hour