Every child learns differently. 

Montessori pioneered combining experimental psychology with education. She used the powers of observation to understand the secrets of childhood.

3 Steps to Homeschooling Success

Armed with that insight, our team designed a process of equipping each family with the tools to help the child  become independent.

Step 1: Schedule a Discovery Call

Sign up for a 30-minute Zoom meeting to help you get started with homeschooling. Whether you need a curated curriculum or you are looking for someone to help you and your child for a few days a week, this call will provide you with easy-to-implement strategies for success.

Step 2: Sign up for the FREE Silver Plan

For homeschooling pro's, this is a gold mine of hand-picked resources. For newbies, it's a great place to begin an exciting journey.

Step 3: Stick to the Process

Consistent implementation is key. Trust the method.

Bonus Step: 

If you need more guidance or are looking for a daily "live session virtual classroom" for your child,  you may select a plan that suits your family's needs. Here's an overview of our plans for quick reference:

Plan Details

Silver Plan

It's free!

Includes the following: 

~Access resources right here

on our website~

Right here at our Homebound Montessori website, we provide families like yours with lots of information about how to create your Montessori home learning environment with an international flavor and emphasis on the Arts.

~Follow our weekly Activity ideas posted on our calendar~

You can always access this site at any time, for fresh ideas from our Monthly Activity Calendar.

~Connect with families

all over the world

Feel free to join the international community of families exchanging ideas on our Community Forum.

~Attend our on-line

Special Events~

Sign up with our subscriber's email list for notifications about our free Virtual Field Trips and Special Events open to all families. 

Gold Plan 3

If you would like to enroll in our Gold Plan but only want 3 days a week for your child, you can choose:

Gold Plan 3


~"Live" On-Line ClassroomExperience  

3 days a week~ M-W-F

A La Carte

Make an appointment with us to discuss your family's needs. Then you can arrange your exclusive "Touchpoint" Session.

$50./ Full Hour 

$30./Half Hour


Gold Plan 5

$525. USD /month

Includes the following: 

everything on the Silver Plan 

~Access resources right here

on our website

~Follow our weekly Activity ideas posted on our calendar

~Connect with families

all over the world

~Attend our on-line

Special Events

++++ plus ++++

~"Live" On-Line Classroom Experience 

5 days a week~

When you enroll in our Gold Plan, your child will enjoy attending our Live-On-Line Classroom 5 days a week. That is where your child will interact with the teacher and a small group of children for one hour, virtually! (through our zoom platform.) There will be a weekly music class, and outdoor classroom experience, along with monthly lessons in drama, sign language, and the Arts.

~Daily Video Demo or Lesson Plan for 

In-home Extended Activities~

Each day, after the Live-On-line Classroom, your child's teacher will post a lesson plan or video for in-home extended activities to continue with the daily Montessori work time and to follow up on that day's classroom lesson.

~Monthly Family 1:1"Touchpoint"~ 

You will have a scheduled monthly "live" 1:1 check-in with your child's teacher.

Gold Plan Music

Our most popular plan!


~"Live" On-Line Montessori Music class with Carolyn once a week 

~Sequential music curriculum featuring hands-on activities "making music" together in the Montessori way


~ 30-minutes of engaging and playful musical exploration for preschool children, including warm-ups, movement, focused listening, music concept mini-lesson, and instrument exploration 

Get going with Homebound Montessori today!

We invite you to enroll here in our free Silver Plan. 

You may also enjoy our Freebie Collection at Carolyn's site, Magical Movement Company.

When you become a subscriber, you will be able to access 30+ free digital resources, including her 100 page eBook, "Musically Montessori, First Lessons."

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