Practical Life Activities

for a great start any day!

"I can dress myself."
"I can get dressed by myself!"
Caring For Self
"I love to say good morning to my pet."
Caring for Others
"I'll grind some coffee for my Mom's breakfast."
Kitchen Skills

Sun is up!

Time to start the day...

"Time to get my plate, spoon and cup ready."
Becoming Independent
"I can set my own place at the breakfast table!"
Grace & Courtesy
"I helped make this delicious breakfast!"
Cooperative Effort

Time for my work!

"I'm cleaning up after breakfast."
Care of Environment
"I like to start my work with morning movement & exercise: This one is 'walking & balancing on the Montessori Line'."
Healthy Body-Developing Coordination
"I'm going to wash my pedal car this morning!"
Care of Environment
"I'm going to practice hammering nails in the clay tray."
Eye-Hand Coordination
"I'm polishing the little wooden animals from Africa."
Appreciation of World Cultures
"I'm going to practice putting on a face mask."
Care of Self
"I'm dusting the leaves on my plant."
Care of Environment
"I'm going to scrub the trash can lids!"
Care of Environment

Wow! I've been working hard. Time for a break...

"I'm going fishing with my brother! (We are going to "catch and release')"
Self Care

More coming soon...