The Outdoor Classroom

This is the first of four videos in our LIVE Zoom Session.


It is a sample of an hour-long "virtual classroom" session to give you a bird's eye view of our teaching approach.

Each of our highly-trained teachers brings her (or his) unique style to your family's experience.


We each have our expertise in teaching children and in coaching families. So your individualized program will be designed according to which coaching teacher or teachers on our team you choose to work with. 

As well, if you choose to enroll in our Platinum Plan, you will have a personalized Montessori curriculum designed for you and your child/ren to explore monthly along with a weekly live session with your coaching teacher. After we have met extensively with you, and helped you set up your Montessori home environment, we will be asking that you provide short videos of your child/ren working with the weekly activities. Then, we will give you daily feedback via email and also meet with you in a live coaching session once a week.    


Sample Virtual Classroom featuring Sunflowers (15 min.)

Watch this video to see a sample of how our teachers engage young children during greeting times, hello song, calendar, and then straight to the Outdoor Classroom.

In this session, Miss Mana (virtually) showcases her sunny California garden while she teaches American Sign Language, too! 


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