Welcome to the Sensory Veranda!


True learning begins with sensory experiences...

Baby Emilio is processing important information while studying the Montessori "Dancers"  visual mobile.
Older brother is providing auditory stimulation to his baby brother's delight!
Now it is baby's turn to create sound and feel the vibrations while making music!
IMG_1485 copy_edited.jpg
"I can see how dropping water onto my clay changes its consistency." How does this clay feel, and smell?
Preschooler reproducing a pattern while constructing with the Montessori brown prisms.
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Two-year old learning from the senses of touch, sound, and sight all in a wondrous moment.
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Toddler exploring the sensory bin filled with sand and measuring cups.
Beginning experiences with seriating and arranging the Montessori pink tower by largest to smallest cube.

For the young child, sensory explorations lay the foundation for more advanced activities in math, language and the sciences.

Preschoolers creating their own "island, bay and isthmus" after learning about landforms of the earth.